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Digital Video Recorders

Modern digital video recorders are both convenient (no more changing tapes) efficient (recording from up to a month or more) and very easy to use.

JST uses a range of digital recorders ranging from an inexpensive 4 channel system that is perfect for small business through to 16 channel and above industrial grade systems with multiple resolutions that can be networked to provide no limit to the number of cameras that can be used.

All systems are "watermarked" to allow a tamper proof legal record to be attained.

Full training and an operation sheet is given for all systems. Free phone advice is also available

One factor that separates JST from other companies that don't specialize in digital surveillance. Your equipment is installed and maintained by certified computer engineers.

Internet and remote access

All systems can be networked to provide remote access via the internet.

This provides you with the ability to view images live. All the other functions of the DVR can also be used remotely allowing you to rewind view and download images any where you have an internet connection

All systems are triggered by motion detectors and allow you to search for footage by date and time. This allow you to

  • Document events
  • Deter theft
  • Increase the safety and protection of staff and visitors. (OH&S issues)


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JST was recommended to me by another business owner because of their competitive prices, quality of work and back up service.

I have certainly found this to be the case and would happily recommend them to other business owners.