HD Commercial CCTV

With the advent of 2013, fully digital CCTV has never been more affordable. Digital or IP cameras can now allow you to view played back footage with stunning clarity when compared to older analogue style cameras.

The 1.3 Megapixel package below will allow you to access your cameras remotely on all smart devices including;

  • iPhones & iPads
  • All Samsung & equivalent smartphones/tablets
  • All Windows based PCs

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Work in progressWork in progress

Video sample of smartphone access of the above package

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"I was amazed how many regular customers would buy something and steal something else when they would come into my shop"

M Jankowski - Proprietor Two Wheel Industries - Bike Shop

"Jet recently installed a CCTV system in my offices, workshop and warehouse at Warners Bay. The results were first class. Image quality is great and attention to detail could not be faulted.

I originally contracted to have the system installed to improve general security as wel as for OH&S reasons, but with the internet access provided, it lets me check on my business when I'm not there and has saved me a significant amount of money on alarm call outs"

Theo Van Bezouwen - Proprietor - Macquarie Designer Homes